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Processing time: 7-14 Business Days. Packages go out every Thursday.
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Soot Sprite Wax Melts
Soot Sprite Wax Melts
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Soot Sprite Wax Melts

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Sweet. Sugary. Fruity!

A fun way to fragrance your home! Wax melts can be melted down in an electric wax warmer to release their fragrance and add a cloud of scent to a room!
These are NOT for body use.

Wax Melt Important Information

We recommend using your scented wax melts within six months to one year for the best results. Each bag comes labelled with a pour date - these melts are fine to use 24-48 hours after being poured, however soy wax benefits from curing. Letting the wax cure for a week or two will help with scent throw, however some scents may just be lighter than others regardless (for example, marshmallow vs lemonade)!

Please note that the scent throw may vary with how hot your warmer gets, the size of your room, air flow, your tolerance to scent etc. In most cases, an electric warmer will work much better than other types of warmers.

The scent from the wax melt will begin to fade over time, just as you would expect from a candle. 

Soy wax has a tendency to 'frost' over, and is more noticeable with colored wax. It is still fine to use!

How To Use

Simply place wax (whole or cut into desired amount) into wax warmer and allow to melt to release the fragrance. I recommend starting out with 0.5-1oz of wax, and then adjusting to suit the size of your room and warmer. The wax can be cut with a butter knife or a soap cutter.

For easy removal, you can place the dish of your wax melt warmer into the freezer for ten minutes, and the wax will pop out once frozen! For bulb or candle based warmers, you can try using a silicone cupcake liner instead!

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