Scent Library

Lip Butter Flavors

A glass of sparkling sour black cherry lemonade.

Sweet pear compote drizzled with thick, gooey dulce de leche.

Sweet, purple cotton candy grapes.

Rose Quartz
Sweet rose syrup drizzled over soft, pillowy marshmallows

Blue Diamond
Gentle lavender buds, vanilla and the faintest touch of almond.

A blend of zingy gingerale and crisp pear.

Lapis Lazuli
Sweet, tropical and fruity hibiscus.

A tough outer shell of sugar encasing layers of fruity, rainbow bubblegum.

Yellow Diamond
Tangy lemon curd with a hint of delicate vanilla.

White Diamond
Sharp, floral honey. 

Chilly peppermint mixed with a sweet, vanilla cream.

Sugar cookies with a spicy nutmeg punch!

Decadent coconut cream and fresh ginger.

A steaming cup of earl grey tea.

Smokey bacon and a hint of maple syrup.

Creamy coconut milk blended with fresh peaches.

No Face
A hot cup of green tea, freshly brewed by the bathhouse workers!

Candied strawberries and sweet peach.

Fluffy, sweet marshmallows.

Health Potion
Summer watermelon blended with mixed forest berries.

Mana Potion
Wild foraged blueberries and meyer lemon.

Body Product Scents 

Lion Lickers
A punch of fresh orange juice blended with creamy vanilla ice-cream and just a hint of peach. And it doesn't even look like a lion!

Cookie Cat 
A frozen treat with an all new taste! Creamy strawberry and vanilla icecream, sandwiched between a soft chocolate cookie. It's super duper yummy!

Paopu Fruit
A blend of tropical fruits, mango nectar, starfruit, sweet papaya, coconut and a touch island florals. 

Sea Salt Ice Cream
Delicious sea salt ice cream; Sea salt, coconut milk and a hint of vanilla. 

Perfect Peach
Glossy, sweet peach syrup.

Chibi Moon
Spun sugar, delicate orange blossom and a medley of tart, juicy fruits.

Soot Sprite
Sweet. Sugary. Fruity!

The Roost: House Blend
The Roost's House Blend, our specialty coffee! Hand ground coffee beans brewed to perfection - the scent of a delightful cup of coffee.

River Spirit
Watery musk, peppermint and hints of yuzu and lavender.

Warm marshmallows drizzled with dulce de leche.

Lon Lon Milk
Sweetened almond milk and honey.

Re-Tail Therapy
Bright pink geraniums and wild rose.

The Mayor's Assistant
Delicate and sweet rice pudding, coconut milk and brown sugar.

Sleepy Stardust
"We're all like little clumps of stardust, walking around."
A celestial blend of lavender, benzoin and sweet vanilla bean. (Returning scent)

Fortune Teller
"And remember that bad times... are just times that are bad."
A swirling cup of earl grey tea; rich black tea blended with bergamot essential oil

Soap Scents

Moon Prism
A fresh cut bouquet of roses and a swirl of magic.

Keeper of the Forest 
Bright, fresh elderflower and light herbal greens.

Spirit Princess
Yuzu, vanilla and a hint of dark cocoa, blended with a light sandalwood and patchouli blend.

The Witch And Her Cat
Inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service
Freshly baked sugar cookies slathered in vanilla cream.

Mini Rupee Soap Set
A blend of exquisite Hylian fruits sold by traders in Gerudo Town; sweet pineapple, tart pomegranate and golden papaya.